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Mountain Star Farms can provide the high quality Christmas trees that your Wholesale customers deserve.

Mountain Star Farms grows 10,000 trees on 5 separate farms in northern New Hampshire's scenic and rugged White Mountains. We specialize in growing Fraser fir and Balsam fir. The shape and density of our trees will bring the customers into your lot and the freshness will keep them returning year after year.

Why should you buy your trees from Mountain Star Farms?

Quality. It's not by chance that we have been selected 11 times as the New Hampshire State Champion at the Eastern States Exposition (Big E). We've also been Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion. Our trees are hand sheared to a medium taper with a soft, natural look at harvest.

grand_champion_1.jpgFreshness. Our trees are harvested in November only on days when the temperature is below 45°F. The trees are fertilized twice a year for optimum color, health and needle retention.

We are close to you and your markets. We're conveniently located between Interstates I-91 and I-93 which provide easy access to other major routes. We're only a day's drive from over 60 million people in the Northeast.

Grading. We grade to USDA standards. Our Premiums meet the heavy density and no noticeable defects requirements. All grades of trees meet the freshness standard and specified density.

Climate. The soils and climate of northern New Hampshire are perfectly suited to growing Christmas trees. Our cold temperatures arrive early in the fall and our early frosts set the needles on the branches making for superior needle retention. We harvest in November when it's not unusual for temperatures to stay in the 40's or below for most of the month. Harvested trees are in nature's cooler until they are shipped. Not only skiers like our early snows, trees stored under a snowy white blanket arrive on your lot in prime condition.

Cooperation. We work with you to help you get the right mix of tree grades and sizes for your retail situation. We try to put together split loads with our other clients to keep your transportation costs to a minimum.

Reputation. We've been wholesaling fine trees for 41 years. We're active participants in industry organizations. As a full-time grower, I treat my customers with the courtesy, attention and professionalism they deserve.

Pricing. We've had our own retail lot for 16 years and know what retailing requires. Our prices are set with successful retailing in mind.

Value. When you consider all of these factors together, I think you'll find that buying your Christmas trees from Mountain Star Farms makes good sense for you and your customers.

Mountain Star Farms
303 Wild Ammonoosuc Road
Route 112
Woodsville, NH 03785

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